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The Del Vizo Group Luxury Homes International Division  




The Del Vizo Group evaluates every home that we take into our inventory for consideration as a "Lux" or "Luxury" property. There are a number of factors we utilize to determine whether or not a home should be considered a "luxury" home with luxury branding. Of course, price is always a consideration...but not the only consideration. The type, style, condition, location and other factors are taken under consideration as well. 

Many people often wonder what the difference is between the Luxury Division and the Non-Luxury homes that we represent. Honestly, it really comes down to added marketing features on a multitude of different platforms and databases. We also provide concierge real estate services to our Luxury Division sellers and buyers. 

Many times, we also have clients who wish to market their homes discreetly without signage, MLS entry, etc. We have the tools, resources, experience, databases, and people to do just that.

If you are wondering if your property is a "lux" property, feel free to reach out to us directly or simply complete our online contact form.
If you are a buyer seeking to purchase a luxury property, reach out to us for a personal VIP consultation.  

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