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The DelVizo Group and its Lux sub brand is a luxury level real estate team who are part of multiple international networks of brokers, agents, and principal buyers and sellers of real estate across the United States, Canada, Chile, the UK, and beyond.

When Lux considers taking a property into our portfolio of offerings, we seek only those properties who are of the highest quality and which lie within the "luxury" range for the specific market the property is located in.  This largely places most Lux properties in the $750,000 and up range.

Once a property is listed with Lux, our proprietary and unique marketing efforts will be engaged into high gear in an effort to obtain the highest possible purchase price, with the best possible terms, in the shortest amount of time for our clients. We pride ourselves on being selective with the properties we add to our offering portfolio and the clients that we partner with. Service to our clients in second to none and we look to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with them. We view our relationships as partnerships and take our responsibilities and fiduciary duties very seriously. We welcome you to be a part of our team in the sale or purchase of your next Lux home!

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